6 comments on “NBA Finals 2013

  1. Both teams apply a rotation (at least eight-nine players). On offense, both teams set good pick and roll. The point guard will run circles around his defender, run him into a pick that frees the screener for a glide to the basket.

    We’re going to see a battle of 3 point shooters like Allen, Battier, Miller, LeBron, Bosh, Wade, Cole vs. Green, Leonard, Bonner, Ginobili, Neal and Parker. Is Tracy McGrady still effective or he might just be the next NBA player to retire after Grant Hill and Jason Kidd?

    • Thank you for reading my thoughts on the series. To answer your question about Tracy McGrady, that is a good question. While he put up good numbers in the Chinese Basketball League, it was the Chinese league where he, at his age, looked like a super star. If the Spurs do win, he might just retire due to the injuries that have plagued him during his career in the NBA. I don’t see him playing beyond this season in the NBA, and I think he wants to retire as a player in the NBA, not the Chinese league.

    • Sam, Thank you for reading my post on the Finals. Three things I’m going to look for in today’s game are: 1) This game will be decided by the rebounding battle that will take place. 2) When will Manu Ginobili show up and make some shots when the Spurs need him? He got a few shots in at the end of game 4 when the game was out of reach; maybe that will help his confidence, but San Antonio really needs some contribution from him for the rest of the series. 3) Will Dwayne Wade be able to have another great game and performance from game 4. I saw a stat from ESPN saying that every game this post season after he drops 20 points or more has only been able to get 10.5 points. How is his injury plagued knee holding up, and will he be able to put in good minutes in this critical game 5? If the Spurs want to close it out in 6 games, they need to win today (we might see this series go 7 games, but I think it will end in 6). If Miami wins today, they will probably close it out on Tuesday. I’m going to stick with my initial “Spurs in 6” prediction.

      • Initially, I had San Antonio in 7, but I’ve changed that to Miami in 7. Let’s revisit your three points: 1) Rebounding: The Spurs trump Miami’s rebounding, but the Heat won the rebounding battle in game four, which demonstrates improvement and adjustments. 2) Manu: There is no sign that he will “return” to this series. I suspect that his hamstring injury from April is still bothering him. 3) Wade: He is in a rhythm. All he has to do is play an aggressive style, which I expect him to do in Game 5. He and LeBron both took 25 shots (perfect balance!) and Bosh got a workload as well. Spurs in 7 is very possible, but I see the Heat winning this series. You think the Spurs will take two games in a row against a Heat team that is “en fuego?” Nope. Heat in 7.

  2. I was shocked that Manu started today’s game, but I think I was more surprised on how he impacted the game from the opening tip off. 24 points is this season’s high for him (both regular season or playoffs) may come as a surprise with Ginobili’s history of being a dynamic player, but with all of the injuries he has dealt with for nearly a year, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Can he do that again in game 6 is the question. The Heat are 6-0 after losing a game, which means the deck is stacked against the Spurs if they want to close it out. The last time the road team won it in 6 games was back in 2011 when the Mavericks beat Miami in the Finals. It can happen but it’s a tall order for San Antonio. The Heat will use the home crowd and go all out to force a game 7. Either way, it should make for a great game to watch.

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